About Us

Our mission is to produce fine quality indoor and outdoor site furnishings for public and private spaces at competitive prices with service unmatched in the industry. We strive to maintain the delicate balance of unifying concept and design with quality and service to reach a new level in fabricating durable and aesthetic furnishings for outdoor spaces. The satisfaction of the customers we serve is our main objective.

Custom Design

With a specialty in custom fabrication, we can employ our manufacturing capabilities to suit the individual customer as well as provide an extensive line of industry standard products. We will work with architects and designers to customize products to fit their vision. We can provide both CAD drawings and prototypes to offer a visual concept of the product prior to fabrication.

Steel Products

All steel components are made of the highest quality cold roll steel and fully welded construction. All steel products are first sandblasted to white metal, coated with zinc rich primer, finished with a top-coat of polyester powder, and cured in a high heat oven.

Metalizing Products

While powder coating offers a strong barrier against the elements, metalizing is an optional feature we offer for the harshest climates and environments. Metallizing provides an extremely strong barrier plus galvanic protection against rust. Metallized steel is then powder coated for a beautiful and extremely long lasting finish. Rust cannot spread and blister your paint even if the paint, primer, and metallized coating are scratched, all the way through into the steel.

Refinishing Products

All of our products are built with the highest quality materials that stand up to years of use and abuse. In time as the product ages, the refurbishing techniques we employ allow us to return the used product back to its original luster and form, therefore, we do not contribute to a disposable lifestyle.

Wood Products

All wood components are made with Jatoba Hardwood, unless otherwise specified, with Mortise and Tenon Joinery and glued with water proof specialty formulated glue. Jatoba is a hardwearing hardwood suitable for outdoor use, which resists rotting and decay. Three coats of outdoor water based, eco friendly sealer, is used to protect the wood and bring out the natural red color.

Recycled Products

All recycled plastic components are of the highest quality and made with recycled High Density Polyethelene or HDPE, the material used to make milk cartons and other plastic packaging otherwise headed for our nation's landfills. Poly wood is a low maintenance product which is impervious to the effects of weather, insects, cracking, or splintering.